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The Easiest Classes in College

Go to one popular college student website and you will find a discussion about the easiest classes each student has taken. Believe it or not, you will find course titles like: History of Baseball in American Society, Introductory Ice Hockey, Spain in the Golden Age, Greek and Roman Epics, Freshman Seminar (a course that is designed to help the students adjust to the culture and campus of the school), Rocks for Jocks (an Earth Sciences course), Animals, Foods and Man (otherwise known as Foods and Dudes), Techniques of Relaxation, the History of Rock and Roll, World Music, Badminton, Intro to Video, Intro to Audio, Persuasion in the Media, Philosophy of Space and Time, Wine Tasting (which was apparently not as easy as it sounded), Weight Lifting, Rope Jumping, and even Rope Jumping II. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

If you are looking for the easiest courses in your school, you can talk to other students who have taken courses in the cataloge and find out whether a course that SEEMS simple is, in fact, an easy course. Some are deceptive, so be careful not to judge a course by its title. Sprinkle these courses in a semester where you have some really challenging courses you know will take up a lot of your time for study, group projects or research. You will appreciate the break, and enjoy the class time in the easier classes, giving your hard-working brain a break throughout the week.

One note of caution: For his book, “Beyond College for All”, James Rosenbaum surveyed high school students in the Chicago area and found that many students believed that low grades in high school would not hurt their chances for future success. These students always chose easy courses, and put little effort into college preparation. Of the students in this group who planned to attend college, 83% either failed to attend college, or failed to earn an undergraduate degree. So, don’t get carried away with trying to schedule all easy classes for yourself, or think you can slack off. Balance is one thing. Neglect and avoidance is another. You will not be able to avoid the tougher classes during your four or more years in college, and you don’t want to get lazy.

If you are in your freshman year, it is especially important to sprinkle in some easy courses so you have the time and energy to handle the stress of adjusting to your new independence and to the responsibility of maintaining your schedule, study time and grades. Since your freshman year is often a year of taking liberal arts courses, the school often does much of the work for you, in that they will insist you take a certain number of credits in liberal arts. Be selective and take the courses you think you can enjoy and in which you can excel. And BTW, enjoy that Foods and Dudes class.